Stop Slip and Fall Accidents Before They Happen!

We have worked with the restaurants, hotel, hospital, manufacturing and service industries to reduce injuries and liabilities caused by slips and falls on wet surfaces.  Slip Stop’s slip resistant treatment provides total anti-slip protection.  You will be amazed by your slip resistant floor with our non-slip floor treatment.


  1. The 5-step SLIP STOP Anti Slip Floor Treatment process is installed at night, after closing, and should not interfere with normal operations.  It is not damaging to the floor surface and requires no special maintenance.
  2. Our process reacts with your quarry tile, ceramic, and concrete, or other siliceous material to set up millions of microscopic suction cups.  This dramatically improves traction on wet surfaces.
  3. During the 5-step SLIP STOP process, your tile floors are cleaned and stripped four (4) times.  Old red quarry tile, or for that matter, any tile benefits greatly from these additional floor cleanings.
  4. The reason we clean your floors so intensely is that we apply our exclusive Kolar-Bak Sealers as the finishing step.  Kolar-Bak protects your tile and grout from bacteria and dirt in the future.
  5. Kolar-Bak restores the beauty of your tile.  Most importantly, it reseals your floors to help prevent the acid in grease that accumulates on the floors from unnecessary deterioration of the tiles and grout.  Your tiles will have a soft velvet finish that retains the original color, looks fantastic, and is ready to use at 6 am.

We look forward to answering your questions and would like to provide non-slip flooring treatment to help protect your home or business. Contact us today for a free quote!

Here are just a few of our nationally approved vendors

Stop Slips and Falls KFC Stop Slips and Falls Wendy's Stop Slips and Falls Outback Steakhouse Stop Slips and Falls Burger King Stop Slips and Falls Cici's Pizza Stop Slips and Falls Taco Bell