How We Make Your Tile Floors Slip Resistant and What to Expect From Slip Stop USA

How do we make floors slip resistant?
Our 5-step SLIP STOP process for tile floors is one-of-a-kind.  Nobody cleans and strips your floors like we do.  Four of the processes either clean or strip the floor.  We clean the grout too.

What is the SLIP STOP process?
Our SLIP STOP process comes in 7 different grades depending on the type of tile.  Ceramic is different from a quarry, concrete is different from porcelain, and so on.

How is the SLIP STOP applied?
Our specially trained technicians arrive, usually at night, in uniform and in company trucks.  We do not use subcontractors.  Using our applicators, floor machines and wet vacs, they apply our special scientifically formulated chemicals to your floors.

What do the chemicals do?
Our company formulates 3 special, high-powered cleaners and strippers which are applied to your floor.  SLIP STOP interacts with siliceous molecules on the top of your tile surface, creating millions of suction cups for greater traction.

How much traction can I expect?
Realistically, we will change your COF (Coefficient of friction) on wet surfaces 2-4 fold.  You can play basketball on you newly treated we surface floors.

Are you etching my floor?
Molecular structure of the top of the tile is classified as an etching chemical.  SLIP STOP is scientifically formulated as a good etching chemical that does not break down the molecular floor structure.

I had my floors done and they looked lousy!
Not with SLIP STOP!!! Other companies use high acidic bases that can scorch your floors.  Beware!!

What will my floors look like?
Fantastic!!!  Our chemist and founder, George Pound, has been formulating SLIP STOP since 1967.

Are my floors really going to look good?
We guarantee it.  We give you a limited 5 year guarantee and yes you will be pleasantly surprised with the look of your newly treated floors.

How long does it take to finish my floors?
Usually one night for restaurants.  We need to start in the customer area by 9 PM to finish by morning.  Just cleaning the floors can take over 3 hours.

What is the Kolar-Bak difference?
As the finishing step, we use our exclusively formulated Kolar-Bak sealers to phenolically seal your time floors and grout.  Kolar-Bak restores the beauty of your tile floors, but more importantly, it protects your tiles and grout from future abuse.

How do we maintain our floors after a cleaning?
Slip Stop Floor Maintenance

We have a water leak, can you help us fix it?
No, we are not plumbers, we offer a service to clean and protect your floor only.  It’s recommend to repair any leaks by finding a local plumber and to remove any standing water before using our service. 

How soon can my floors get done?
Pick up the telephone and call: 1-800-256-5666 and we will schedule your floors promptly.